About three years ago, Steve George, 62, a former fullback and linebacker at Santa Rosa Junior College, began taking classes at his old school.

Not long after, he spent about a month with his wife constructing a Bear Cub mascot uniform of papier-mache and fake fur.

“I went down and asked them in the school office why they didn’t have a mascot and they said they hadn’t had one in 15 years,” George said. “I said ‘You’ve got one now.'”

As a general rule, I don’t interview macots (I’m funny that way), but I spoke with George last week after SRJC’s 77-34 win over Diablo Valley College on Saturday.

During games, George, known around campus as “Bear,” does push-ups after every Bear Cubs’ score. He managed to crank out 63 push-ups after SRJC took a 63-27 lead against DVC, but couldn’t answer the bell when the total hit 70.

As the mascot for a football program averaging 45.3 points a game, George said he’d been preparing for such a day since SRJC’s 62-7 win over Redwoods earlier this season.

“A month ago they scored 62 and I couldn’t do it,” George said. “I did 55 and fell on my face. But I’ve been in the gym all week.”