Similar to how movie directors leave scenes on the cutting room floor, sportswriters have to sometimes leave interesting tidbits out of their feature stories.

This must be what blogs are for. The other stuff.

One revealing story I couldn’t fit into my feature on SRJC quarterback Adam Froman occurred last week after the Bear Cubs blew a 10-point, third-quarter lead and lost 24-20 to Fresno City College.

A few moments after the game, I approached Froman, who was standing alone around mid-field. He didn’t seem to notice me. He was staring off in the distance. On a tight dealine, I asked him if he had time for a few questions.

In a barely audible voice, he said he had to meet with his team first. No problem. He wasn’t rude. Just bummed out.

But as I cased the field looking for other players to bother it struck me that not many seemed to be taking the loss as hard as Froman. No one was exactly celebrating, but very few shared his blank expression.

A few days later, I talked to SRJC coach Keith Simons for the story on Froman. Mainly out of curiosity, I asked him how Froman took last week’s loss.

His response confirmed what I saw. Or what I thought I saw.

“It’s JC football and when you’ve got an 80-man roster you’ve got a number of kids that, five minutes after the game, they’ve forgotten it,” Simons said. “It’s like ‘Where’s the party?’ But Adam is different. That loss stung him for a couple of days.”