SRJC sophomore forward Niki Poole is fun to watch.

In the Bear Cubs’ 1-0 victory against Diablo Valley College today, Poole flung her body around despite playing with a pulled quadriceps muscle that required a heavy wrap around her upper left leg.

Even with the injury, Poole was plenty fast and made a few moves that made you wonder exactly how she did what she had just done.

The Big 8 Offensive Player of the Year as a freshman, Poole is a more complete player this year, according to SRJC coach Emiria Salzmann. Poole, a former star at Casa Grande, has 26 goals and 12 assists in 32 career games.

“She came into last year and she was just a wild horse,” Salzmann said. “She was fast as heck and competitive and intense, but she didn’t always have the sophistication, like knowing when to settle the ball. Everything was always full speed … She’s really growing as a player and going to another level. She’s more thoughtful. More calm. She has more presence of mind in front of the net.”