Sonoma State senior second baseman David Adler has been named a first-team All-American by the Jewish Sports Review, a bi-monthly publication that highlights Jewish athletes.

Adler hit .337 with eight steals and was named the Division II Defensive Player of the Year after not committing an error in 219 chances. He helped lead SSU to a 52-15 record and into its first College World Series.

The Jewish Sports Review All-American team is comprised of 16 players from Division and Division III. Former SSU pitcher Darren Sack was a three-time JSR All-American from 2002-04.

By the way, in researching the Jewish Sports Review, I stumbled upon a list of the Jewish Americans in sports. I thought it was interesting (who knew Lyle Alazdo was Jewish!). Anyway, here are some notables:

Lyle Alzado (football)
Bob Arum (boxing)
Red Auerbach (basketball)
Brad Ausmus (baseball)
Max Baer (boxing)
Harris Barton (football)
Bo Belinsky (baseball)
Kenny Bernstein (drag racing)
Ron Blomberg (baseball, first DH)
Larry Brown (basketball)
Sasha Cohen (figure skating)
Al Davis (football)
Jordan Farmar (basketball)
Jay Fielder (football)
John Frank (football)
Mitch Gaylord (gymnastics)
Brad Gilbert (tennis)
Sid Gillman (football)
Shawn Green (baseball)
Hank Greenberg (baseball)
Red Holzman (basketball)
Sara Hughes (figure skating)
Zab Judah (boxing)
Deena Kastor (track and field)
Sandy Koufax (baseball)
Lenny Krayzelburg (swimming)
Marv Levy (football)
Nancy Lieberman (basketball)
Sid Luckman (football)
Ron Mix (football)
Corey Pavin (golf)
Morgan Pressel (golf)
Sage Rosenfels (football)
Danny Schayes (basketball)
Dolph Schayes (basketball … the Schayes are the leading-scoring father-son duo in NBA history)
Bud Selig (baseball)
Mark Spitz (swimming)
David Stern (basketball)
Steve Stone (baseball)
Kerri Strug (gymnastics)
Dara Torres (swimming)
Steve Yeager (baseball)
Kevin Youkilis (baseball)