Kentucky doesn’t have an NFL team. Or an NBA team. Or a major league baseball team. Or an NHL team. Or a, OK, so you get the idea?
Well, Adam Froman sure has.
Froman, a Maria Carrillo and SRJC graduate, is in a two-man battle to become the starting quarterback at the University of Louisville.
The starting quarterback at Louisville? In a state where U of L and the University of Kentucky dominate the sports landscape, it’s something like serving as the Head of State.
Just ask Froman, who dealt with a one-man media crew — me — after home games at SRJC last year.
“We’ll finish up at practice and come off the field and there will six sets of TV cameras in our face and all these microphones,” Froman said. “That’s obviously a little bit different than I’m used to.”
But Froman is getting used to to answering the same question, couched in different terms: Who’s going to be the starting quarterback?
“They really want an answer that’s going to spark some interest and of course we can’t give to them,” Froman said. “But if someone in the community asks me if I’m going to be the starter I always say ‘That’s the plan.’”