Posted by Press Democrat correspondent Dewey Forget:
Watching SRJC roll up over 400 yards passing against Mendocino on Saturday was  just another day at the office for the Bear Cubs.
Coach Keith Simons is going to throw the football until the other team cries uncle or drops from exhaustion. The Bear Cubs usually set up with an empty backfield, giving them five eligible receivers. It’s not only difficult to defend, but as the game wears on the hurry-up offense begins to wear down the opponent.
On Saturday in the Bear Cubs’ 54-36 win, they rushed for 88 yards, mostly late in the game. Around the Empire all we hear about is how much the Bear Cubs pass, and they do, but when its required they also will run effectively with one back lined up to either the left or right of the QB.
Thurman McGowan and Erik Hernandez are good enough to pile up impressive rushing numbers if given the chance. But, let’s be honest. Simons built the program on passing, and that’s not going to change. Besides, it’s fun to watch.
On a sad note, Greg Alexander, the Piner phenom who played for the Bear Cubs and earned a scholarship to Hawaii, went down Wednesday with serious a knee injury in Hawaii’s 27-6 loss to Louisiana Tech. Simons said Alexander blew up everything in his knee. He will miss a lot of time, including next year’s NFL combine — a tough blow for a young man with loads of talent.